The Company’s warehouse and offices comprise approximately 31,000 square feet of space on about 2.5 acres in a convenient Anaheim location. The facility is in excellent condition and has sufficient capacity to handle current and anticipated volume. The original building is used for offices, sales and light storage. The main warehouse is a two story building adjacent to the office which contains 20,000 square feet. It was completed in 1983. Outside storage is utilized primarily for PVC and steel pipe.

(rewritten from O.C. register)
Frank M. Bell, a native Californian, is an entrepreneur whose foresight in the potential growth and development of Orange County motivated him in 1956 to lease one acre of land at 215 East Ball Road in Anaheim. He viewed this location as an ideal site to establish his new industrial wholesale business. Thus, in May 1956 he incorporated Bell Pipe & Supply Co. for the purpose of providing the immediate piping requirements of new industrial and manufacturing facilities in the area. Now 59 years later his business foresight is still being carried on by his son Franklin M. Bell III.
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